Pizza Hut unveils new “lower prices” menu

2 Aug

For the first time in seven months, Pizza Hut stores stopped honoring the “$10 Any Pizza/Any Size/Any Topping” deal this week as they debuted their official new “Lower Prices” menu. This menu is a simple, no coupons needed menu pricing strategy: $8 mediums and $10 larges, both up to three toppings. Specialty (4 -5 topping) pizzas are an additional $2. Stuffed Crust and Super Premium pizzas may have an additional charge.

Guess what? Our prices are still lower! We will deliver you a medium 1-topping pizza for only $6.99!!!!! And a large 1-topping pizza for only $8.99!!! We have been running our no-coupons needed menu all year! And on top of that, we have a Carryout Special, The Big Deal Pizza for only $4.99!! When you are thinking of a great taste for a low price, choose Domino’s! And spread the word.

Pizza Hut               Domino’s Pizza (Us)

Med                   $8.00                      $6.99

Lrg                    $10.00                     $8.99

Breadsticks         $4.00 (5 sticks)        $3.99 (8 sticks)

Cheesybread       $5.00 (5 sticks)        $3.99 (8 sticks)

Cinnasticks         $3.49 (5 sticks)        $3.99 (8 sticks)

Wings                $6.99 (8 pieces)       $5.99 (7 pieces)


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