Domino’s Free Pizza Fundraising Program

Your Group Sells the Free Pizza Coupon for $10 and Keeps $6! (60% payout)

The Domino’s Fundraising Program is designed to help non-profit groups raise funds by selling Free Pizza Coupons, individually, to the general public. The purchaser of the Domino’s Free Pizza Fundraising Coupon automatically recoops their $10 investment when they redeem their Free Pizza Coupon.

  • Each Free Pizza Coupon is good for a FREE Large 3-Topping Pizza!
  • Free Pizza Coupon Valid at all 44 San Diego County Domino’s stores!
  • Earn $6 per Coupon sold!
  • No Presales!
  • No Up-Front Cost!
  • The Free Large 3-Topping Pizza Coupon can be redeemed by stopping by any Domino’s Pizza store and picking up the pizza or Domino’s will deliver the Free Large 3-Topping Pizza when the customer pays the delivery charge. (Delivery charge is not included with the Free Pizza. Customer pays delivery charge.)
  • Only one Free Pizza Coupon can be redeemed per Pick Up or Delivery order.
  • Domino’s Pizza Fundraising Program reserves the right to refuse participation to any group.
  • Programs may be delayed if numerous programs are running simultaneously in the same geographical area.

Fundraising FAQ’s

I’m ready to get started! Where’s the Application?

Need more information? Click here!

Fundraising Referral Incentive:

For every group that you refer who goes through the program and successfully completes it (payment sent to us), you will get 5 Large 2-Topping Pizzas for a PIZZA PARTY on us! Make sure the group mentions they were referred from you when filling out their application. You must be actively participating in our Fundraising program or have already completed a Fundraising cycle to get the Referral Incentive.

Email us here for more information on Fundraising with your group: Domino’s Fundraising

Or Fill out this form to get started:


2 Responses to “Fundraising”

  1. Pizzacoupons September 16, 2010 at 10:10 am #

    Nice post. A little off topic but doesn’t it seems like most of the big chains are giving big discount without the need to use any pizza coupons. It’s still hard to find deals on some pizzas though, like have you ever seen Round Table Pizza coupons online? I haven’t.

  2. dominospizzasandiego September 29, 2010 at 3:09 pm #

    I think a lot of chains are now going the “no-coupon” route, including us here in San Diego. I’ve been working for Domino’s since 2001, and our delivery prices now for a medium and large 1 topping pizza are the same price that we used to charge for our CARRYOUT only specials years ago. It’s incredible. I think the public have gotten into such a “coupon” mode that they think if there’s no coupons, then they’re getting ripped off. But to get a large pizza DELIVERED for $8.99… like I said, go back 6 years and we charged that price for carryout only, and a large delivered was $14.99 at some stores. Maybe a low menu price isn’t the answer, but the coupon mentality has got to catch up with the trend.

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