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Pizza Hut unveils new “lower prices” menu

2 Aug

For the first time in seven months, Pizza Hut stores stopped honoring the “$10 Any Pizza/Any Size/Any Topping” deal this week as they debuted their official new “Lower Prices” menu. This menu is a simple, no coupons needed menu pricing strategy: $8 mediums and $10 larges, both up to three toppings. Specialty (4 -5 topping) pizzas are an additional $2. Stuffed Crust and Super Premium pizzas may have an additional charge.

Guess what? Our prices are still lower! We will deliver you a medium 1-topping pizza for only $6.99!!!!! And a large 1-topping pizza for only $8.99!!! We have been running our no-coupons needed menu all year! And on top of that, we have a Carryout Special, The Big Deal Pizza for only $4.99!! When you are thinking of a great taste for a low price, choose Domino’s! And spread the word.

Pizza Hut               Domino’s Pizza (Us)

Med                   $8.00                      $6.99

Lrg                    $10.00                     $8.99

Breadsticks         $4.00 (5 sticks)        $3.99 (8 sticks)

Cheesybread       $5.00 (5 sticks)        $3.99 (8 sticks)

Cinnasticks         $3.49 (5 sticks)        $3.99 (8 sticks)

Wings                $6.99 (8 pieces)       $5.99 (7 pieces)


Todrick and the Cast of Hairspray does Dominos!

21 Jul

Check out this mini flash mob that performed for one of our drivers out in Long Island. He looks shocked, but played along like a good sport! What would you do if a flash mob happened around you? Would you freak out? Join in? Or fumble for your camera phone?

Todrick Hall and the Cast of Hairspray at Gateway Playhouse doing a Domino’s Flashmob!!!

Lyrics for I LOVE DOMINO’S:

I called 1-800 Domino’s and it was not too long ago
Cuz I know, no one gets to my door so quick, no one makes better cinna-stix
I tried them other Joe’s but the flavor was just so-so, but I know
Domino’s makes my taste buds sing, Domino’s has the best hot wings

Eat Up! If you’re feeling down or you’re lonely
Eat Up! Domino’s is there for you homie
Eat Up! And they’ve got the best pepperoni
With ease, and the best cheese child please

Cuz if it ain’t Domino’s pizza I don’t need it, I don’t need it
Cuz if it ain’t Domino’s pizza I won’t eat it, I won’t eat it
If it ain’t Domino’s, then why you at my door
If it ain’t Domino’s, what’d you order it for
Cuz I eat D.O.M.I.N.O. Apostrophe S and nothing less

I love Domino’s, I love Domino’s baby I love Domino’s
I love Domino’s, I love Domino’s baby I love Domino’s
I love Domino’s, I love Domino’s baby I love Domino’s
I love DOMINO’S!!!!

Show us your Pizza!

30 Jun
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