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Domino’s Worldwide Rally

21 Jul

To celebrate Domino’s 50th Anniversary, the Worldwide Rally is HUGE this year! Please keep this page bookmarked to check back on updates often.

9:30a: There must be thousands of people here. Most from around the world. The loudest groups are Team Australia and Team Mexico. Someone brought those horns that are used during Soccer matches. Team USA does our chant as the room gets quiet… “Who are we?” “Domino’s Pizza!” “What are we?” “We’re #1” “What’s our goal?” “To sell more pizza and have more fun!”

9:45a: All attending the Rally become a part of a new world record… The record for the largest group doing the air guitar in the world!! To Journey none-the-less. Yes, people rocked out, and some even rocked out from their knees.

10:00a: Former CEO Dave Brandon interviews Founder of Domino’s Pizza and former CEO Tom Monaghan. Tom shares with us that after a lawsuit that shut down the original name, “DomiNick’s”, a delivery driver coming back from a delivery at a shoe store came up with the name “Domino’s”. And just like that, history was made.

10:30a: Current CEO Patrick Doyle inducts Tom Monaghan and Dave Brandon into Brandon’s creation of The Chairman’s Circle. Dave mentions that Doyle violated the eligibility terms by inducting them, and Doyle reminds Dave that he no longer regulates the terms (as he is not CEO anymore).

10:45a: Lecture given by legendary author Chris Gardener, author of The Pursuit of Happyness. Upon a standing ovation for his entrance, he reminds us that Will Smith will not be arriving. The lecture is an amazing one, his story resonates to what we do in so many ways.

12:00p: We break for lunch.

6:00p: Domino’s Expo begins!

9:00p: World’s Fastest Pizza Maker Contest begins. Because Team Washington has dominated the competition for years (Dennis Tran has a 3peat record), Domino’s decided to have Team Washington v. The World. Final Four finals are tomorrow night!


Domino’s Worldwide Rally!

19 Jul

Did you know that this year is Domino’s 50th anniversary? Well it is! So this year’s Rally in Vegas will be that much more exciting! This will be the first time I (Elizabeth, Social Media Marketing Director) with our franchisee (Eric Miessner) and I can’t tell you how actually pumped I am about it. We are leaving tomorrow afternoon and staying at one of our favorite hotels, the Mirage for the two day Rally.

What goes on at the Rally’s you ask? Well, lots of exciting things! While I can’t give away too much information, I can tell you that Domino’s Fastest Pizza Maker Contest goes on at the Rally. If you’ve never heard of it, we take the Fastest Pizza Makers from around the world and pit them against eachother to crown a champion! This year is even more exciting, though. Team Washington has been the undefeated champions now for over 3 years. They are SO fast, no one can beat them! How fast? Well, watch this video to check it out in action!

Well, this year’s theme is a little different…. it’s going to be Team Washington vs. The World!

There’s also a ton of workshops and announcements at the vendor’s expo. We will be uploading pictures and videos to our blog throughout the Rally so stay tuned and SUBSCRIBE to our blog so you can be up-to-date on all the fun happenings!!


1 Jul

One of our Lakeside Domino’s employees Banner Shaking to promote Carryout Special Week!!

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